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Hi, I’m Callen, and this is TYPE | WRITE | READ 

In a nut shell:

MA Writing for Young People student | Creative Writing graduate | Ravenclaw |Aspiring Author | Fox trainer | Advocate for Diversity and Representation in Children’s Literature | Firm Believer in the Power of Words and Stories


In a little more detail:

I am a writer of children’s fiction, a Creative Writing graduate and a man with a passion for all things book related.

During the day you’ll find me working at an adventure and wildlife park where I work with children and animals. If I’m not there, surrounded by horses, foxes, and children, I’ll be reading. I love my job and more than anything it acts as a great source of creative inspiration – when I’m not reading, I’m writing, with the intention to one-day be a published children’s author and the animals in any of my creative work are probably ones you can find at my work.

TYPE | WRITE | READ is a place for book lovers and aspiring authors to come, enjoy the company of like-minded people and to explore the world of book reviews, the industry, and creative writing. As you explore T | W | R you’ll find reviews, author interviews, thoughts and conversations about the book industry, creative writing tips, trips, and inspiration. As well as the occasional lifestyle piece. 

Feel free to get in touch!


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